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A True Wisconsin Conservative

Mike Grajeda is a Wisconsin Conservative bringing conservative views and voices to local politics. Mike interviews local political candidates providing the community with more in-depth knowledge to help constituents make an educated decision at the polls. He also discusses news updates on a local and national level to weed out the fluff.


"An educated electorate is a strong electorate. People who are informed will always make better decisions."

Mike has always had a passion for community involvement. After committing 15 years to local fire and rescue emergency services districts as a lieutenant firefighter, public safety officer and nationally registered paramedic, Mike currently serves on the Joint Fire Advisory Board in Hudson, WI. 


The Mike is Always Right Podcast

The Mike is Always Right podcast is right leaning conservative talk about all areas of life! Mike creates a space where freedom can be celebrated and individual liberties upheld. Working through a variety of topics with humor and fact checking to keep people honest he presents complex issues in a humorous way to make you think and more importantly act. 

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